Our Philosophy and Approach to Sex Offender Treatment in General.

There are three primary goals we convey to all program participants: (1) preventing recidivism (any future offending), (2) identifying individualized healthy goals (e.g. Primary Goods within the Good Lives Model), the individual’s existing and needed strengths, and cultivating these strengths so that a healthy, pro-social lifestyle can be achieved; and (3) becoming a healing rather than a continued emotionally victimizing force for their own victims and for all primary and secondary survivors of sexual abuse in our society.  In our efforts to achieve the first goal, we place an emphasis on incorporating evidenced-based practices that have been demonstrated to reduce both sexual and general criminal recidivism (What helps sex offenders avoid reoffending).  Since the second and third goals compliment the mission of reducing recidivism, the evidence upon which our practices are based is also derived from victimology research (what causes trauma and what helps victim’s heal) and general psychotherapy research (what has been demonstrated effective in improving the quality of life for people in general).

As is the case with many of the more comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs throughout North America, our program is continuously making changes and improvements in order to adhere to to the three core princples of Risk-Needs-Responsivity (RNR). In addition, there is an emphasis on strength-based, positive psychology goals such as those at the core of the Good Lives Model (GLM) with the broader Adlerian/CBT models for understanding and correcting human misbehavior (i.e., the Offense Cycle and the healthy alternative Intimacy Cycle and the accompanying CBT and dynamic interpersonal treatment interventions).