Survivor Treatment

Family Transitions is invested in the healing of survivors of sexual abuse. Most often sexual abuse is committed by individuals close to the survivor. As a result, the process of sexual abuse can have a devastating impact on familial relationships. Factors leading to long term trauma and the resulting impact to families need to be addressed as thoroughly and effectively as possible. Family Transitions offers support through this process as we work to establish an emotionally safe, supportive environment through which survivors can negotiate movement forward with healthier coping skills and ideally more familial support. Family Transitions strives to ensure that the healing of sexual abuse survivors is the driving force of our agency’s work. Ultimately, with the knowledge and wisdom of sexual abuse survivors as a motivating force in our missions the team at Family Transitions works toward the goal of no more victims.

Treatment providers work with Victim Compensation Services for individuals who meet requirements for this program. Please contact our office for additional information.