Family Transitions provides comprehensive pre-trial and post-conviction psychosexual risk assessment evaluations for in custody or out of custody individuals. Evaluations are provided by Dr. Kristin Day-Hardwig and Scott Naegele, LPC.

Evaluations include psychosexual testing, personality assessment, cognitive screening, polygraph examination, clinical interviews, and review of collateral records.

These steps outline the risk assessment process:

1.       Contact Us

Please contact us before appointing one of our evaluators to your client’s case. It will help the process go more smoothly if we know ahead of time that your client will be coming to us for a risk assessment.

2.       Motion to Transport and Scheduling

If your client is in custody, a motion to transport will be needed in order to have your client transported to the South Court Tower for testing. As soon as the order is received by MCSO they will contact us about scheduling your client for transport. If your client is out of custody we can schedule directly with him/her or through your office.

3.       Records

We will need records related to your client’s case in advance of the evaluative process.  Documents we’ll need include all available police reports, victim impact statements, forensic medical evaluations , age maturity ratings (for sexual exploitation of a minor / child pornography cases), prior evaluations or psycho-educational evaluations, mental health records, CHS records, and the grand jury indictment or other charging documents related to the official charges.  These can be sent to us via US Mail, fax or email. Please see our Contact Us page for the email address.

3.       Cost

Please check with our office in advance for the cost of your client’s assessment, as this may vary depending upon individual dynamics of a given client’s case. If your client has been determined indigent and the risk assessment is being funded by the Public Defender’s office, OPDS, or another public entity, we will need a copy of the authorization of funds at the time of referral for billing purposes.   If your client’s risk assessment is not being funded by another entity, please send payment directly to the evaluator prior to start of the evaluation.

For more information or to schedule an interview email info@familytransitions.com